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Never let the bad Dreams catch you

Title: Never let the bad Dreams catch you
Rating: K+
Genre: Hurt / Comfort
Wordcount: 596
Pairing / Characters: Meckett / Mercer and Beckett
Appearance: "Pirates of the Caribbean"
Warnings: Angst, Pain, Hurt
Summary: Young Beckett had another night of bad dreams and decided to spend the rest of the night with Mercer. He was always such a caring man and exactly knew how to handle with children. But after a while the boy noticed that staying at Mercer wasn't a big change in contrast to the nightmares. Now he'd even prefer having them.
Notes: Beckett is something around 11 and Mercer about 21 years old in this fanfiction. Warning! Young Beckett gets partly injured by Mercer but it's comforting at the same time. So if you don't like it don't read it!
And for the others, enjoy reading!

(Chapter 1 of ?)

Tags: beckett, cutler beckett, ian mercer, lord beckett, lord cutler beckett, meckett, mercer, pirates of the caribbean, potc
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