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I see the Waves in you (2/?)

Title: I see the Waves in you
Rating: G
Genre: Gen (I guess)
Wordcount: 418
Pairing / Characters: Lt. Theodore Groves / Lord Cutler Beckett
Appearance: "Pirates of the Caribbean"
Warnings: None so far
Summary: After getting invited in the Lord's office, Groves feels like a double-edged sword and gets to know Beckett's real intensions.
Notes: I recently write in chapters because of one simple reason - if it takes me too long I run out of ideas and the end part sounds so stupid after a while. But I'm already about to dare the long stories!
Enjoy reading! :)

(Chapter 2 of ?)

Tags: beckett, cutler beckett, groves, lieutenant groves, lieutenant theodore groves, lord beckett, lord cutler beckett, pirates of the caribbean, potc, theodore groves
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