Sat-Isis/Suten Net (cassiopaya) wrote in cutler_beckett,
Sat-Isis/Suten Net

FIC: Chapter 6 of The Tree of Woe

Title: The Tree of Woe
Style: Prose
Genre: Drama, Angst
Rating: R
Length: Fic
Pairings: None
Warnings: AU, AWE, Extreme violence, Norrington torture, Character Death…
Authoress: cassiopaya
Characters: James Norrington, Davy Jones, Bootstrap, The Crew of The Flying Dutchman, and Tia Dalma.
Word Count: 1,080
Inspiration: Conan the Barbarian
Dedication: mrs_norrington, spamala97, and lastwordy_mcgee
Disclaimer: Not mine, not yet.
Summary: James Norrington chooses not to die.
Notes: Chapter 6, how exactly does one address a goddess?

Tags: author: cassiopaya
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